Payday Loan

Get access to cash to bridge emergency cash flow gaps with our Payday loan

Payday Loan vs Personal Loan

Consider these factors when contemplating opting for a renovation loan instead of a personal loan
Payday Loan

Places that offer:

Only Licensed Moneylenders offer Payday Loans
Personal Loan

Places that offer:

Both banks and licensed money lenders offer personal loans
Payday Loan

Have shorter tenure

A payday loan is a short-term unsecured loan usually used to fund emergency needs. Unlike personal loans where the tenure can stretch up to 2 years, the term for repayment for this loan is usually until your next payday.
Personal Loan

Have longer & more flexible tenure

Like a payday loan, a personal loan is an unsecured loan. However, as applications for personal loans typically involve larger loan amounts, lenders often scrutinize the application more rigorously before granting approval. Thus, they are able to offer longer tenures.
Payday Loan

Easier to secure approval

Because payday loans typically involve smaller loan amounts and shorter repayment terms compared to personal loans, lenders have more lenient approval criteria, making it easier to obtain loan approval.
Personal Loan

More difficult to secure approval

In contrast to payday loans, personal loans generally involve higher loan amounts and longer tenures. Consequently, lenders adopt a more cautious approach when evaluating applications. Factors such as bad credit scores or their absence, along with various other considerations, can diminish the likelihood of having a loan application approved.
Payday Loan

This is for you if...

1. The amount you need is less than your monthly salary

2. You have a steady source of income but are in need of access cash urgently
Personal Loan

This is for you if...

1. Need a larger loan quantum

2. Want a longer loan tenure

What is a Payday Loan?

A Payday loan serves as a quick cash advance, offering a substantial sum to address sudden financial setbacks before your next paycheck. These situations, like unexpected credit card bills, demand immediate attention to avoid exorbitant late payment charges. Despite careful financial planning, life's unexpected challenges may necessitate urgent financial solutions. Cash loans provide a timely option to manage such emergencies, even when your finances are temporarily strained. Unlike a typical personal loan, a payday loan is designed for repayment immediately after receiving the next paycheck, ensuring a short loan period linked to your payday. This alleviates the stress of looming payments and accumulating interest charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Important things to consider?

Because of the elevated interest rates associated with payday loans, it is advisable to promptly repay them to prevent entering a cycle of debt. These loans are best suited for essential, non-negotiable everyday expenses such as rent, utilities, and groceries. They should not be utilized for impulsive or unnecessary purchases that could be deferred, saved for, and acquired later. Continual borrowing over several months can result in the accumulation of a substantial debt if not repaid promptly, leading to increased financial pressure. Therefore, it is discouraged to obtain multiple payday loans to avoid excessive borrowing.

Can I borrow more than my salary for a payday loan?

No, usually lenders would grant a maximum loan amount equivalent to your salary. For a higher loan quantum, you may apply for a Friday Finance personal loan.

Are part-time workers eligible for a payday loan?

No, this loan is only eligible for full time workers that has been with the company for 3 or more months.

Should I take up a payday loan?

This kind of personal loan is ideal for employed individuals seeking immediate access to cash, especially those with a consistent work history.

What are the usual reasons for utilizing payday loans?

A payday loan is appropriate for borrowing modest sums of money, typically an amount that can be repaid with your monthly salary.

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