Wedding Loan

Turn your dreams into everlasting memories!

Do I need a wedding loan?

A tool to increase wedding budget

Due to high inflation rates, wedding costs are rapidly increasing. But that does not mean that you have to give up your dream wedding! You can take up a wedding loan to cover the expenses associated this event, including venue costs, catering, attire, and other related expenditures.
Photography & Videography
SGD 2,500 - SGD 7,000
Gowns & Suits
SGD 3,000 - SGD 5,000
Wedding Bands
SGD 900 - SGD 1,690
Flowers & Decor
SGD 1,030 - SGD 2,200
Reception, Venue, Catering
SGD 2,500 - SGD 40,540
SGD ?? - SGD 40,540

Beware of hidden fees & higher interest rates

While using a credit card might seem like an appealing option, focusing solely on rewards could mean missing out on hidden fees and higher interest rates. Don't let service fees slip through the cracks amid the convenience of credit card payment plans. Without careful consideration, these fees can quickly add up.
Make sure that anything that is charged on credit can be paid off in 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to discuss or negotiate the terms of the offered loan?

Definitely! You can agree to the suggested indicative offer, allowing you to schedule a meeting with the lender for further discussion and potential renegotiation of the terms.

Is the offer provided by us guaranteed approvals?

No, the offers presented by the on the platform are solely in-principle approvals. The completeness of the documents and accuracy of the information you provide contribute to the precision of the offer.

Do I need to submit any documents?

CBS document, wedding venue confirmation. Invoices/ quotation for wedding expenses.

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